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Executing to the Optimal Answers: Getting to the Next Level of Performance

London, 26 May 2012

Financial and physical energy commodity markets are not new to the North American market. The industry now has reasonable access to capital for building new pipelines, transmission lines, and power plants. At the same time, power and gas companies are facing new emissions regulations, renewable portfolio standards (RPS), the introduction of demand response, evolving market rules, and low gas prices that are changing the economics of power generation and gas supply.

Join OpenLink's live webinar to hear an esteemed panel of industry experts explore these challenges and the must-have analytical capabilities and features your IT applications need to be able to get to the answers in today's markets for maximizing your portfolio.

June 7, 2012: 2:00 PM EDT

Discussion points will include:

  • Asset owners need greater access to information and tools for decision making, not only for executives, but also for all the personnel engaged in planning, operations, and trading
  • A new dynamism is making it more difficult for energy companies to optimize their participation in markets and adequately hedge risk
  • With advances in IT, it may be time for energy companies to examine whether their current systems are up to these challenges

Webinar Speakers:

Jill Feblowitz
Vice President, Utilities and Oil and Gas, IDC Energy Insights

Jill Feblowitz is a nationally recognized thought leader in the application of information technology to the business problems of the energy industry. As an analyst, her understanding of the needs of the industry is grounded in experience over the last 25 years working as a consultant and in the field. Ms. Feblowitz has consulted professionals in the energy industry – working with all levels from traders and engineers to C-Level executives – representing Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Trading & Risk Management, Wholesale Energy Supply, Energy Delivery and Customer Operations. She has consulted energy companies on constructing their IT strategy to fit the dynamic needs of the energy industry.

As Vice President for IDC Energy Insights, Ms. Feblowitz manages a group of analysts that provide research-based advisory and consulting services that will enable energy executives in oil and gas and utilities to maximize the business value of their technology investments and minimize technology risk through accurate planning.

Kevin Hesselbirg
CEO, OpenLink

Mr. Hesselbirg joined OpenLink in May 1999 as the Chief Financial Officer and two years later transitioned to Chief Operating Officer. In September 2007, Mr. Hesselbirg was appointed Chief Executive Officer. During his tenure at OpenLink, he has helped transform the company into a multi-national industry leading commercial software and professional services organization.

Prior to OpenLink, Mr. Hesselbirg was a Vice President of Finance at Trex Medical Corporation, a publicly traded subsidiary of Thermo Electron Corporation. He began his career at Ernst & Young LLP, where he ascended to the position of Audit Manager in the specialized privately owned and emerging business group providing both audit and business advice to high growth businesses.