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Commodity Research and Reports

Central bank diversification strategies

London, 14 March 2013

A new report by the World Gold Council, “Central bank diversification strategies – rebalancing from the dollar and the euro”, examines the growing trend of central banks’ actively looking to diversify their reserve portfolios. While the dollar is still the primary global currency, its long-term dominance is less certain.  In response, central banks are reducing allocations to US dollars and euros while increasing purchases of traditional assets such as gold and Japanese yen and new alternatives including Chinese renminbi.

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New era in global energy and commodity trading

London, 11 February 2013

The traders’ role in energy and commodities trading is changing rapidly, while physical trading has entered a new era of sophistication and scale. In a newly released and first-time study, Deloitte in Switzerland, the business advisory firm, has analysed the current issues and trends of one of the most important global and Swiss trading sectors.

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IOSCO: Recommendations for the protection of client assets

London, 8 February 2013

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) today published a final report on Recommendations Regarding the Protection of Client Assets, which seeks to help regulators improve the supervision of intermediaries holding client assets. Recent events such as the Lehman Brothers and MF Global insolvencies have highlighted the importance of client asset protection regimes. In this context, investors are trying to better understand the potential implications of placing their assets with particular intermediaries and in certain jurisdictions. Regulators are seeking to address risks to client assets and determine how to transfer or return client assets in default, resolution or insolvency scenarios.

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Gold Backed Bonds - An Alternative To European Austerity?

London, 26 January 2013

At Davos, George Soros, one of the largest buyers of gold in the world today, warned of currency wars and that “interest rates are going to take a big leap” - probably this year. Bank of America warned of a “bond crash” comparable to 1994 that would trigger a string of upsets across the world. In 1994, the bond crash bankrupted Orange Country, California, and set off the Tequila Crisis in Mexico.

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Investec commodity update and market review

London, 22 January 2013

2013 is set to be another volatile year for miners, particularly for the mid and small cap space according to Investec. Conditions for financing pre-production companies remain very difficult, but large established producers have successfully issued bonds at low rates. They do see the potential for an increasingly positive macro-economic outlook as the year progresses, leading investors to become more willing to take on risk and enabling conditions for the financing of smaller companies to improve.

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Building Resilience in Supply Chains

London, 22 January 2013

Global supply chains and transport networks form the backbone of the global economy, fuelling trade, consumption and economic growth. Disruptions to supply chains can prove costly, as highlighted most recently by Hurricane Sandy. According to research conducted by Accenture, significant supply chain disruptions have been found to cut the share price of impacted companies by 7% on average.

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World More at Risk from Markets and Mother Nature

London, 8 January 2013

Global Risks 2013 report: The world is more at risk as persistent economic weakness saps our ability to tackle environmental challenges, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks 2013 report, which highlights wealth gaps (severe income disparity) followed by unsustainable government debt (chronic fiscal imbalances) as the top two most prevalent risks, in a survey of over 1,000 experts and industry leaders, which reflects a slightly more pessimistic outlook overall for the coming 10 years.

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2012's Top 5 Oil & Gas Plays

London, December 2012

2012 has been a stellar year for oil and gas. From East Africa to North America, new technology, major new discoveries, an unparalleled appetite for exploration and a metamorphosing perception of risk have changed the playing field.

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World Energy Trilemma: Time to get real

London, 8 December 2012

The case for sustainable energy policy: “We must accept that we have to make hard choices in this generation to bring about real changes for future generations and the planet. Politicians and the industry must get real.”

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How Gold Miners Can Leverage the Price of Gold

San Antonio, 8 December 2012

Gazing into their crystal balls this week, Wall Street firms interpreted differing futures for gold next year. Morgan Stanley awarded gold the “best commodity for 2013” while Goldman Sachs called the end of the metal’s hot streak. After seeing 11 consecutive years of positive performance from gold, one needs to be wary of research analysts’ price forecasts, as they have consistently underestimated the shifting dynamics driving the precious metal higher.

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