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Commodities Now October 2014

The Rise and Fall ...

2014 is rapidly turning into one to forget for many investors in commodities. Commodity markets now appear to be heading into a potential nightmare scenario of rising US interest rates, depressed inflationary expectations, shaky demand in the major consuming regions of China and Europe and rising supply in a number of key commodities.

Having performed well in the first half, most commodity investors would have been astute in adopting the old trading adage from the equities sector of “sell in May and go away”. Commodities were the best-performing asset class in the first half as the sector became more sensitive to supply-demand fundamentals and less to economic factors, offering diversification again for investor portfolios. However, commodities sold-off across the board over Q3, 2014. In analysing this precipitous turnaround we see a combination of lower demand, an expansion of supply (including excess mining production capacity), a slowing Chinese property market, normalizing growing conditions, and an accelerating US economy for which a stronger US dollar was reinforcing.


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The October edition of Commodities Now includes:

The Rise & Fall

Guy Isherwood, Editor-in-Chief


Fixing the Fix

Fixing commodity benchmarks


Shale Oil: ‘Not all its fracked up to be’

Investing in Commodities


  • Investing in Commodities - A year to forget
  • Isolating Commodity Fundamentals & how to trade them ...
  • Strategic & Tactical Value of Commodities
  • Should Companies be Regulated Like Banks?
  • MiFID II raises the regulatory bar
  • Energy Upheaval - Major trends impacting the energy market
  • Geopolitical Trends & the Oil Industry
  • Oil price stability
  • Portfolio Allocations to Commodities
  • Challenging Times for Commodity Business
  • The Mother of Trade Capture Innovation - Margining and external regulatory demands


CTLX – Pioneering Change

Streamlining commodity trading


Auction-Based Transaction Systems

Trading efficiency and transparency


Global Oil Markets:

High-Tech intelligence driving change


Commodity Specialists: Legal

Top legal council in commodity markets


Letters of Credit & Performance Bonds

Principles affirmed, but signs of evolution?


Risk’s Speed Limit:

How much is too much?

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