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Commodities Now March 2010

Commodities Now specializes in the traded commodity complex, providing market intelligence in power and energy, industrial and precious metals, agriculture and softs, together with renewable energy and emission markets, logistics, legal, regulatory policy, and specialist technology.



Lizzie Kaye, Production Director

Two Masses For the Dead

Market behaviour after the global crisis

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Crude Conundrum

Crude oil demand in 2010

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Managing Pre- and Post- Trade Risk:

Overview of the roundtable debate hosted by Trayport

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Energy Past, Present and Future

The resilience of the energy markets explored

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Emission Dynamics:

Coping with Copenhagen

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Joined-Up Carbon Markets:

The landscape following COP-15

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Collapse of the Grand Narrative

How COP-15 has changed the Global Warming debate

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Q&A with Elliott Piggott

Managing Director of Trayport

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Carbonomics, 2009 - 2010

How has carbon faired since the heady days of 2009?

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The party’s not over yet

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WEC Montreal 2010

A preview of the 21st World Energy Council Meeting

Russia’s New Asian Century

Shared interests in the East that will shape the world

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A New Metals Pricing Paradigm

Understanding metals markets dominated by investors

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White Sugar:

Premium likely to remain strong in 2010

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Agricultural Commodities:

The road may be bumpy, but prospects are good

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Industrial metals lead the recovery trade

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Keeping Oil Products Afloat in Uncertain Times

Regulating offshore floating storage

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Future Fuel Trade:

Trends and key factors shaping the global transportation of fuel

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