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Commodities Now

Commodities Now June 2014

Geopolitical Risks Mount

Although we are now beginning to enjoy some degree of synchronized global growth (as measured by the Global Purchasing Managers’ Index) with China contributing modestly, the bright news is that the US and parts of Europe are rebounding meaning that global growth in 2014 is likely to accelerate for the first time in four years to 3.5% – constructive news for commodities.

US production of liquid petroleum is surpassing its previous peak reached in 1970 in the latest landmark for the country’s shale oil boom, and in sharp contrast to oil production elsewhere, which is constrained by declines in mature areas (such as the North Sea) and political and security issues in countries like Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Geopolitics and weather are omnipresent in the commodities world and both have played a specific role here this year. Russia’s annexation of Crimea (and subsequent meddling in eastern Ukraine), and the sudden advances of the Sunni Islamist extremist group ISIS in Iraq are just two instances of the geopolitical storms that regularly engulf the natural resource sector.

This edition includes unique contributions from leading specialists throughout the commodity business sector – including our annual CTRM Supplement which delves into the key areas of trading, risk management processes and supply chain management software solutions.


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The June edition of Commodities Now includes:

Not Your Father’s Commodity Markets

Global demand remains strong, strong enough to provide underlying support, but that may not be enough to return the sector to its glory days recently gone by.


The Importance of Geopolitics ... & Weather Patterns

Lower demand for commodities leads to ... higher commodity prices.


Commodity Business Awards 2014

5th Anniversary Awards as markets reconstruct ...


Bank Guarantees as Trading Collateral

Maintaining efficient and resilient power markets


CTRM Supplement 2014

The CTRM Lanscape

Emerging trends in commodity management


Five Big Issues in Commodity Management

Dr. Gary M. Vasey & Patrick Reames


New Trends in Commodity Management

Complexity and Big Data predominate


Five Questions Before Choosing Your System

A transformative moment for your business


Unstuck In the Middle

Disintermediation is coming to the energy value chain


Pan-European ETRM ... Panacea or Reality?

A Europe-wide ETRM platform


Infrastructure Hosting & Managed Services

CTRM becomes ever more technologically mainstream


A Simple Solution to EMIR Compliance

Brady Regulatory Reporting


Big Data – Big Opportunity

Is your commodity value chain smart?


The Information Olympics

Eight ways to make your business fit to compete


Security & Political Risk Management

Dealing with The Resource Curse


Sanctions Survey, 2014

The law of unintended consequences

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