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Four new Lyxor commodity index ETFs launched on Xetra

London, 17 January 2012

Deutsche Börse continues to expand its XTF segment for exchange-traded  index funds with four new Lyxor commodity index ETFs tradable in the XTF segment.

The Lyxor ETF S&P GSCI Inverse Agriculture & Livestock 1 Month Forward and Lyxor ETF S&P GSCI Inverse Industrial Metals 1 Month Forward ETF offer investors their first opportunity to track the inverse performance of baskets of commodities from the agricultural and livestock sector and the industrial metals sector.

The positive performance of the same sectors can be tracked by means of the two Lyxor ETFs, S&P GSCI Agriculture & Livestock 3 Month Forward and S&P GSCI Industrial Metals 3 Month Forward.

The product offering in Deutsche Börse’s XTF segment currently comprises a total of 912 exchange-listed index funds, while the average monthly trading volume stands at €16 billion.

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