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ETF Securities launches Sterling and Euro-hedged physical gold investment solutions

London, 20 March 2013

ETF Securities, one of the world’s leading, independent providers of Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs), has launched ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical Gold on the London Stock Exchange and will be launching ETFS EUR Daily Hedged Physical Gold on Deutsche Boerse on 21st March. The new currency-hedged investment solutions complement the firm’s current physical gold product range by offering an inbuilt daily currency-hedging mechanism, mitigating the effect of currency volatility in investors’ portfolios.

Proven track-record

ETF Securities listed the world’s first exchange-traded gold product in 2003 and today, more than US$ 18 billion[1] of the firm’s assets reside in products that track the spot price of gold. The precious metal remains a core holding for investors concerned about current market uncertainties, such as the potential for sovereign debt risk events in Europe and the US. In 2012, investors around the world allocated a total of US$ 2.5 billion[2] in net new assets into the firm’s physically-backed gold products.

ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical Gold and ETFS EUR Daily Hedged Physical Gold are a strong addition to the company’s commodities offering, which addresses the different needs of investors. 

  • Exposure to physical gold investment products with proven track record
  • Limited exposure to currency risk through daily hedging
  • Initial launch on the LSE and Xetra

Reducing exposure to currency risk

The new products give euro and sterling investors direct exposure to physical gold, whilst mitigating the effects of currency volatility by reducing exposure to the US Dollar. The products track the performance of the Morgan Stanley Long Gold British Pound Hedged Index and the Morgan Stanley Long Gold Euro Hedged Index calculated and published by Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC. These indices aim to reflect the hedging of foreign exchange risk with respect to GBP and EUR.

By allowing investors to hedge the currency of their asset returns into those of their home country liabilities, currency hedged ETCs help offset the natural currency risk to which an investor in non-local currency assets is exposed. This is particularly useful for investors with specific local currency return mandates. Currency hedged ETCs also provide shorter-term tactical investors with the ability to increase their returns by choosing the currency of their exposure.

An additional benefit of these daily hedged physical gold securities is the frequency at which the swaps are reset. An ETC which tracks an index that hedges currency risk on a daily basis will tend to be more accurate in providing returns that reflect true underlying asset returns than those that hedge on a monthly basis or only reset the swaps on a monthly basis. 

In response to investor demand, ETF Securities is also hoping to shortly make ETFS EUR Daily Hedged Physical Gold available on Borsa Italiana.

Commenting, Matt Johnson, Head of Distribution, EMEA, ETF Securities said: “There are many sterling and euro-based investors who wish to hedge out currency risk.  As witnessed following the recent G20 meeting and various central bank announcements, monetary policy has the potential to cause significant currency movements. Our currency-hedged Physical Gold investment products provide a transparent and cost-efficient exposure to physical gold whilst mitigating unwanted currency exposure. Their small denomination of gold (1/100 ounce vs 1/10 ounce) also make them more accessible for investors”.

Neil Jamieson, Head of UK & Ireland, ETF Securities added: “Investors buying commodities that do not trade in their home currency are naturally exposed to currency risk. ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical Gold helps to remove that risk for GBP investors.”

ETFS GBP Daily Hedged Physical Gold and ETFS EUR Daily Hedged Physical Gold are issued by Jersey based ETFS Hedged Metal Securities Limited. The products are backed by physical metal held in custody by JPMorgan Chase Bank and Morgan Stanley & Co International plc acts as the swap contract counterparty to ETFS Hedged Metal Securities Limited in respect of the currency hedge.

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