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IETA: CDM Report to Cancun

Cancun, 2 December 2010

The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) released its seminal yearly report on the CDM today from the Cancun COP16 Climate Talks. The State of the CDM 2010 identifies the challenges that most affect the efficiency of the CDM — issues including materiality, stakeholder communication and enduring delays — and proposes practical reforms to address them. As a new addition this year, the Report’s Annex consolidates and provides concise explanations for all of IETA’s recommendations for quick, substantive reading.

Releasing the Report at a press conference at the Moon Palace, Henry Derwent, IETA’s President and CEO, said: “2010 gave us a glimpse of how a truly professional CDM might function, as reforms on key procedures finally took shape. In this report, IETA records and applauds the recent improvements while reminding COP negotiators that much work remains. Now is the time to double-up efforts to improve efficiency, not slow down.”

The Report also makes a plea for the governments negotiating in Cancun to send a strong signal about the continuation of the CDM post-2012, as a possible gap between Kyoto Protocol commitment periods threatens the CDM’s future.

Mr. Derwent continued: “There is no question that the countries negotiating in Cancun overwhelmingly want the CDM to continue; they should find a way to make their intention clear. It is in no one’s interest to let the future of the most successful mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol become a bargaining chip in these negotiations. And it would be tragic if mixed signals about how the CDM could be used across the world in the future deter desperately needed investment in developing countries.”

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