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As Russia's isolation grows, oil companies caught in middle

London, 22 July 2014

The confrontation between Russia and the West took a turn for the worse with the downing of a Malaysian airliner on July 17, and that could spell trouble for several major oil companies operating in Russia.

Low oil inventory drives futures lower

Source: Financial Times, 22nd July 2014

Oil inventories at Oklahoma hub hit six-year low, threatening to damage the main US delivery point’s network of tanks and pipelines

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LG International selects Brady for metal trading and risk management

London, 22 July 2014

Brady plc, the leading global supplier of trading, risk management and settlement solutions to the commodities, recycling and energy sectors, announced today that LG International (LGI), has licensed Brady’s Trading & Risk Management solution to handle its global base metals trading and... Read More...

Commodity Market Reports

IMAGE Five Big Issues in Commodity Management

London, July 2014

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus noted, the only thing constant is change; and most certainly change is a constant characteristic of the commodity markets. Having closely watched these markets develop over the past two decades or so, the extent and the rapidity of change has been remarkable – and the current situation is certainly no different: By Dr. Gary M. Vasey & Patrick... Read More...

IMAGE Fewer new discoveries, slower development weigh on gold industry

London, July 2014

SNL Metals & Mining: In light of declining discovery rates and a longer time to advance a discovery to production, the gold industry's future ability to replace production through large discoveries is in doubt. Analysis suggests that discoveries made since 1999 might eventually only replace half of the gold produced over the same period.

IMAGE Australia needs to avoid climate policy vacuum

Melbourne, 17 July 2014

The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) is disappointed that Australia’s policymakers failed to adopt reforms to bring market pricing and global linkages to the Carbon Pricing Mechanism (CPM).  By simply repealing the CPM without broader reforms, political leaders created a policy vacuum.


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