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Commodity Market View

Noble chairman increases his stake

Source: Financial Times, 2nd March 2015

Trading house’s market value has fallen a fifth since Iceberg published a critical report

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LME aims to limit warehouse payments

Source: Financial Times, 2nd March 2015

Exchange tackles monetary incentives to attract metal by warehouse owners

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LME provides update on warehouse reform package

London, 2 March 2015

The London Metal Exchange (LME) today published its responses to the legal and logistical consultations launched in November 2014 regarding its physical delivery network. Also issued was a discussion paper including the final two elements of the LME’s warehouse reform package and further... Read More...

Commodity Market Reports

IMAGE Commodity flows boosted by price falls

London, March 2015

Early 2015 has brought a marked pickup in investor interest in commodities, boosting inflows to almost $5bn, their highest in more than two years, and sharply reversing a period of consistent monthly outflows from commodity investments dating back to September 2014, according to Barclays Research.

IMAGE Which world markets to look at for oil investment in 2015?

London, 2 March 2015

Low oil prices in 2015 have worried some economists despite the boost they’ve given to other industrial sectors, but everyone knows the price can’t stay this low. Oil is a dwindling resource, and even as the world shifts toward green energy, the many different uses it can be put to means it is guaranteed to be saleable. That’s why many investors are looking at the low prices as an... Read More...

IMAGE CLTX to launch new Fertiliser initiative

London, February 2015

The ability to manage price risk in the fertiliser market is not a new one; OTC and cleared derivatives contracts have been available for a number of years. However, growth in market volumes has accelerated in recent years, mainly due to increased price volatility since the financial crisis of 2008. In addition to this, the events of 2008 have also created a legacy of new global regulations. Of these, it is the... Read More...

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